Lali Sekhon, MD, PhD, FACS


Dr. Lali Sekhon is a spinal neurosurgeon and is world-renowned for his work on artificial disc surgery and is a pioneer in motion preservation spine surgery. He is an expert on minimally-invasive spine surgery ensuring surgery through small incisions with rapid return to work, when appropriate. He is based in Reno, Nevada and looks after patients throughout the U.S.. He looks forward to working with the surgeons at Sierra Neurosurgery Group, all experts in their fields, in looking after patients in Nevada and Northern California. He sees patients in Reno and Carson City, Nevada as well as  Quincy, California.

Dr. Sekhon has a diverse range of academic experience and involvement in the ever- advancing and evolving field of neurosurgery. Contact Us and sign up for our newsletter to receive periodic updates.

Minimally-invasive spine surgery encompasses surgery that achieves the following:

  • Small incision
  • Working under a microscope
  • Earlier mobilization
  • Latest techniques
  • Smaller scars/less scar tissue
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Less soft tissue damage
  • Reduced muscle retraction
  • Decreased postoperative narcotics
  • Shorter hospital stay

Possibility of performing on outpatient basis Faster recovery Quicker return to work and activities

Dr. Sekhon use MISS techniques, when appropriate in the neck, back and even brain.

  • Anterior cervical fusions and artificial discs Posterior cervical foraminotomies
  • Lumbar fusions Lumbar microdiscectomies
  • Spinal fusions, performed from the front, back or side
  • Spinal fusions, performed from the front, back or side
  • kyphoplasty for fractures X’STOP, OLIF, TLIF, PLIF

If you would like to see Dr. Sekhon as a patient, or even if you have questions about how to proceed with a workup, don’t hesitate to call Sierra Neurosurgery Group at (775)657-8844.