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Dr. Sekhon is fantastic. His staff is fantastic. I had other Doctors evaluate him prior to my surgery and he has a fantastic record and reputation.On my first visit, he was prepared and had printed out a packet of information on my condition and recommended surgery as there was no other course of action to be taken. I felt relief from my symptoms immediately after I woke up in the recovery room. Don't get me wrong, I was in pain from the surgery, but I could tell that I had my left arm and left leg back.As of this date, 11/7/14, I'm just 10 days short of 2 months since my surgery. I have just been cleared to resume my normal life. To get back to running and exercise! I am grateful to Dr. Sekhon and his entire team for giving my life back, with 100% use of my left leg and arm, PAIN and SYMPTOM FREE! I recommend Dr. Sekhon and his team without reservation!!!
Date of Posting: 07 November 2014
Posted By: Mark R. Morrow
CFO, Sr. VP RagingWire Data Centers, Reno, NV
I am thoroughly pleased with the total treatment and the professionalism of Dr. Sekhon and his PA G. Graves. I wish I had known of his services prior to a surgery I had 2 years earlier. I highly recommend this doctor. After more than 2 years of severe pain I an 95% pain free!!!
Date of Posting: 06 November 2014
Posted By: Jan Sarras
Recently, I had a spinal surgery performed by Dr. Sekhon. Because of my experiences with his practice prior to the surgery, on the day of surgery, during the aftercare and then follow-up, I can honestly say that he is elite among his peers in every way!
On my 2nd appointment with his practice, I met with Dr. Sekhon. I found that he had prepared for my appointment by being familiar with my case already. No time was wasted! He presented me with a packet of info that was specific to my situation, and he very patiently and thoroughly went through the packet, teaching me what I should know in order to make a decision for my health care. That was a very unique and much appreciated experience! Every appointment at Dr. Sekhon’s practice was like this, whether I met with Dr. Sekhon or his P.A.s Greg and Curt. It’s evident that patient education and the ‘doctor to patient communication’ is a priority at the practice and I can testify that it is excellent!
Dr. Sekhon and his staff completely prepared me for my surgery and made all the arrangements so that everything went smoothly and professionally! He gave me the impression that he actually wanted to help me and was actually interested in doing my surgery. Because of this I really was confident in Dr. Sekhon on the day of surgery and was not disappointed! My surgery was a complete success!
Date of Posting: 23 October 2014
Posted By: Karen Cox
Early this year I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and after MRI, x-ray and physical exams, laminectomy was prescribed with surgery on August 18, 2014. Now, nearly two months after surgery I am close to 100% and all pain and difficulty with my back has been mitigated. I am very happy with the surgery results and can recommend Dr. Sekhon without reservation.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2014
Posted By: Kenneth Roberson
I have nothing but highest praise for Dor. Sekhon on the recent surgery he performed. on me. Before the surgery he explained fully the process and that full recovery was to be expected.. I feel I have made a full recovery. I made it through ReHab without any problems and have returned to my regular schedule at my gym.. I am off all medications now. I also want to thank Dr. Sekhon’s assistants , Curt and Greg for their help throughout and after the operation.
Robert P. Bertocci
Date of Posting: 29 September 2014
Posted By: Robert P. Bertocci
After reviewing all my test and then explaining how the neck surgery will be done I was very pleased. I was very pleased in the manner Dr Sekhon explained how the surgery will correct my pain. Staff was very helpful an courtesy in keeping me informed on paper work, scheduling and to call them anytime if I have questions
Before and after surgery Dr Sekhon and all surgery personnel took the time to see if I had any questions and made sure I was OK after surgery.
Date of Posting: 18 September 2014
Posted By: Nicolas Padilla
Meeting with Dr Sekhon was the start of a very successful back surgery. I felt at a loss over how I would obtain any relief from my constant lower back pain. He is a very gifted professional and did not try to force me into anything. The first meeting involved many questions and answers that made me comfortable about what needed to be done. He and his staff were always available and follow ups were timely. I'm at 7 weeks post surgery doing physical therapy feeling strong and happy.
Date of Posting: 15 September 2014
Posted By: D Robinson
Lower lumbar 3-5, Reno, nv. NNMC
I have seen Dr. Sekhon twice and I am very satisfied with his time and attention. He is very professional as is his staff. He explains symptoms and cures so I can understand it.
Last year I was told by two different surgeons that I needed back surgery. When I saw Dr. Sekhon, he told me I did not. It is a pleasure to see a doctor who is not rushing me in to surgery.
Carol Loehr
Date of Posting: 12 September 2014
Posted By: Carol Loehr
Susanville, California
I am a new patient with Dr. Sekhon. He has exceptional credentials and is very kind. A complete documentation of the office visit is sent to the patient which is great for your files. The staff in the office are great and upbeat. What's not to like.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2014
Posted By: Robert Sorrentino
Patient of Dr Sekhon, Reno, NV 89519
I have been very pleased with every aspect of my experience with Dr. Sekhon, from the initial interview, through his analysis of my medical issues, exhausting all conservative approaches before recommending surgery, and then thoroughly explaining the procedure to my complete satisfaction. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Sekhon and his Physician Assistants to anyone with similar medical issues.
Date of Posting: 27 August 2014
Posted By: Daniel H Relf

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